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Here you can request your own personal 3d print which you need a 3D model of which you can can from Thingiverse. Just select the volume of your 3d model, the color you want and the detail you want to see it in. 


Upload the 3d model together with your e-mail in the form below. Use this tutorial if you need support buying this product.

3D Model Analyzer

3D Model Analyzer

Upload a .stl file to get the dimensions of your 3D model in centimeters.

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What is a good quality?

The best quality is 0.1mm and it stands for 0,1mm thickness of every layer because a 3D printer prints in layers. 0.2mm is the second option which is very much acceptable and 0.3mm is the last option which is for if you like the practical use more then the quality.

Where can I get a 3D Model?

You can find 3D Models at websites like Thingiverse there are lots of 3D Models you can choose from. The website is completely free.         

What is a 3D Model?

A 3D model is a file that computers use to create a 3D view of something. 3D printers use 3D models as instructions for what movements they have to make.

How do I create a 3D Model myself?

You can use apps like Blender, those are 3D apps, you can animate in them but you can also create 3D models. There are tutorials on youtube that you can use as an example to learn using Blender.