Custom Requests | Shopping

If you want to request a Custom 3D print

you need to know a few things. First of all

you'll need a 3D model, to get this you need a

site where you can search Free 3D Models. If you

have the model you'd like to 3D print, you can

check the volume of the 3d model by uploading

the 3d model to us and clicking "Analyse 3d model"

You'll have to fill in the form

at the bottom left to let us know what 3d model

you're using. 


3D modeling

Creating your own 3D models can be very hard.

You have to be aware of a lot of things like the structure.

That's why we're here to help, first of all you have to install

a free to use 3D Modeling Software. The software we will

use is Blender it's completely Free and Beginner friendly.

The way you can learn to use Blender is by Experimenting,

or by watching Tutorials like this one.



We support People, Planet and Profit.

Here are reasons why 3D Printing is better 

for the Climate.