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Every3D is a 3d printing service company made to support the climate and change the industry. We think 3D printing is the future. We sell gadgets and accept custom requests of 3D prints, we also print logos for companies all at a fitting price.

What material do we use to 3D print?

We use Polylactic Acid which is a plant based material and is fully biodegradeable.

Who is the CEO of Every3D?

The CEO of Every3D is the youngest entrepreneur of Belgium, a 13 year old boy who is called Nathan Vander Cruyssen. He was interested in IT since he was a kid, instead of looking at the tv he looked behind it. Nathan his family is made out of designers and watch makers, business is in the DNA of Vander Cruyssen's.

Is Stripe a safe payment system?

Stripe is one of the payment platforms that gives apps and websites the oppertunity to add payment methods to their apps or websites. Elon Musk was among the early investors of Stripe. Stripe now has 3 million websites using it's service.

Do we deliver good quality products?

Yes, we deliver good quality products. We let you choose what quality you want when you ask for a custom product but for other products it is automatically set to a high quality.

Are we cheaper than other 3D printer services.

Yes, we are a lot cheaper and this is because we don't need much personel if the 3D printer does al the work. We do have to take in measure that the electricity prices are pretty high right now.